Abigail Leora

I think it’s pretty incredible that life is so wildly diverse and yet everything on the planet is made from different combinations of the same elements. That cliché saying “We are one” is quite literal when you think in elemental or molecular terms. For me, the simplest way to relate to this is by thinking about the air we breathe. The air I breathe has been cycled through other people’s lungs. It has traveled through plants who, through photosynthesis, take carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Air is also a global traveler, moving through weather patterns across the world. In California’s San Joaquin valley, molecules in the air can be traced to places as close as Los Angeles and as far away as China. While we may feel like we are our own separate entities, we are quite literally connected through the air that we all share. With thoughts like this in mind, I create pieces that explore the human connection to the rest of life on Earth. 


I am a painter, drawer and printmaker based out of Brooklyn, NY. I work with a variety of materials, most often acrylics, oils and pen and ink. If you are interested in purchasing a piece or in collaborating on a project, please send me an email. - Abigail




All images by Abigail Leora.